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>> 20111013

When: 24 oct, 21h.
Where: Antic Teatre Barcelona; Verdaguer i Callís 12, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.


-Quimi Portet "La Terra és Plana"
2004. 3:02min

-Prefuse 73 "The End of Biters - International"
2004. 1:23min

2006. 2:36min

-Ocaixi "Niku"
2007. 1:49min

-Ashbrg "Basuril"
2007. 1:08min

-Deerhoof "Whither the invisible birds?"
2008. 2:13min

-Survival Under Superpowered Attack
2004. 3:20min

-Prefuse 73 "Hide Ya Face (reminder version)"
2005. 1:37min

-12Twelve "Mr Gesus"
2006. 2:50min

-Teleciego (episode #4)
???? 2:14min

-Myriads "Their Song"
2011. 2:22min

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